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I think I read enough about theory of evolution so far to understand its basic ideas at least.
It says new species evolve from their common ancestor over time through random mutations and natural selection by their environment conditions as they live.
The ones which show more success against environmental conditions get more chance to pass on their genes to future generations.
(I had also read a translation of the book The Selfish Gene.
I think the basic idea was the genes in each living creature doing everything they can to pass on to the next generation.
It seemed to be implying the genes are so smart which did not make sense to me. I did not do further research on it.)

It seems all living creatures in nature want to live as much as possible as long as conditions do not get too bad, at least.
Even single celled organisms seem trying to run away from dangerous adversaries or even trying to fight back if they have to.
I am guessing some of them would even work together to attack or defend if we consider what happens when an animal get sick for example.
How can they do these seemingly complex behaviors without any kind of brain?

But if we supposed to take theory of evolution as a scientific fact/law,
should not we ask if it is proven scientifically or not?
What is the proof for theory of evolution I do not know.
I did not actually try to find out so far either really.
I read many articles on biology over the years like on Scientific American, Popular Science, and some other popular internet science tech websites which all seem to accept evolution without questioning.
I think what is exactly considered as the proof is the fossil records, which seem to indicate as we go from oldest living organisms to newer ones they go from single celled organisms to multi-celled organisms and they go more and more complicated.
Also there are what it looks like older version never version of similar organisms in different layers of ground often in the same location.
Isn't this proof enough?
Not to me at least IMHO.
I think it could also be that God (assuming exists) chose to do it in stages.
(Or it could be an alien race?
But then we must face the question how those aliens came to life and started to evolve exactly?
Was theirs same kind of evolution as ours or not? If same then that would lead to an infinite loop of logic questions and answers.
Which is something could we accept as the answer? IMHO no.)
Maybe God wanted to it in a similar way to geoengineering a whole planet (after creating the universe in a similar step by step method).
Why not create everything all at once instantly?
Which maybe possible for God, isn't it?
If it was not possible then still God would be exist (and still would be powerful enough for us), isn't it?.
And it was possible then why not create the universe and earth all at once?
I think it is also still possible God just made a decision and chose to create the universe and earth in stages.
If so then whether that decision make sense for us (or not) maybe irrelevant from God's point of view, who knows?

Are there any other proof candidates for evolution?

I think everything else could also be explained by adaptations of organisms to their environmental conditions.
I think viable offspring rule is the main difference between each species.
Which seems to me more compatible with design idea than natural occurrence.
Imagine the hardships we run into when trying to combine computer software which we created, for example.
Both combining complex software and machines seems to be requiring a new design (to create a more complex machine).
I think explaining how exactly chemicals and conditions existed in early earth started life would be a good proof for evolution
(Of course any such explanation would need to be repeatable by experiment to be scientifically accepted.)
(I think a physically realistic (atomic scale) simulation would also be acceptable at least for smart people.
Besides of showing how life could started, how about making atomic scale simulations of any kind of living cells or single celled microorganisms on earth?
Of course we would expect those simulated cells to behave same way as the real ones to be sure of accuracy of the simulation.)

There was a news about creating artificial life sometime ago.
I think the procedure was replacing the whole genome of a living cell with an artificial genome.
How about a completely artificial cell that made from completely artificial parts?
Without that, would not questions could still linger around?

Another scientifically acceptable proof would be finding any kind of alien life even in microorganism level.
It looks like decades of search did not find any signs of alien life so far.
Will it ever be found? Who knows for certain really? Do we have a proof for it or just opinions?

I also think yet another definitive proof could be finding a half-human species on earth.
Something similar to Big Foot or Yeti for example, because they appear to be close to half-human creatures from supposed sightings and stories.
If evolution was true I would expect to see all kinds of half-this half-that creatures to the point of a continuum of species.
And also would expect all kinds of different individuals inside each species currently trying new abilities, limbs, organs etc.
(For example, I think there are individual genes (or groups of few) controlling how many arms, legs, how much muscle etc.)
Instead it looks like there is always a big barrier between all species preventing viable offspring.
Would not make more sense from the view point of evolution to have no barriers as much as possible?

How about more indirect proofs for evolution?
I think creating human-level AI would be an indirect proof for evolution.
Because it would prove human-like minds can be created artificially without any help from God.
Or how about humanity creating perfectly realistic virtual realities to live any way, again without any help from God?

How about proofs against evolution?
Could be that the incredible complexity and order in the universe and on earth, laws of physics, complexity of living creatures,
incredibly precise balance of everything etc counted as the proof of God?
How about all kinds fruits made by plants on earth?
Aren't they a huge energy expenditure for plants?
Aren't there much easier ways to use for those plants?
How about their highly varied complex designs?
Aren't they look like created especially for humans?

Why it is necessary to have proof anyway?
I think history of science is full of ideas which were strongly thought to be true for a long time but later turned out to be false.
I think Newton physics is a good example.
String theory could be another.
Their lesson is as long as there is no real proof for any idea/theory, it can still turn out to be wrong later.

Also I would like clarify that my goal here was to present impartial views and opinions for all sides.
Everybody is free to think whatever they want and free to believe whatever they want.
This even includes what new evidence(s) could come in the future.
People of this earth can interpret everything in different ways.
I do not think everybody would always agree on what is really a proof or evidence or a strong sign for what.
Even some people seem to clearly reject almost any kind of scientific proof or evidence.

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