Sunday, April 30, 2017

Some Personal Thoughts Open to Criticism

(All my published ideas are just my personal thoughts always open to criticism. But I reserve the right to not to respond.)

I think all great scientific and technological accomplishments should bring awards for people who did it, even after their death.

I think all kinds of computer software are equivalent to machines, just as any kind of machine is equivalent to a machine, also.
So software patents should be treated as designs of machines.
Just as any mechanical and/or electronic (and/or biologic) machine design would need to be creative enough to be non-obvious to an expert in the field same rule also should apply for software patents.
(But living creatures must not be legally counted as biological machines ever.)

Anything published on the internet should have the rights provided by the website published.
The creator of the work should be assumed to be accepted them.
If a website changes the rights then new rules should apply only to newer publishments (not to olders; not to re-publishments).
The original owners of works should have option to make them more public, but no less public.

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