Thursday, May 4, 2017


Science says there is this universe but maybe there are others.
Judaism and Christianity say there is this universe we live and there is another where there is God, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Demons.
I think they also imply the other universe is on top of this one.
Islam says there are seven universes, starting with this one and ending with which there is God, Heaven, Hell, Angels.
I think it also implies this universe is bottom and the second one is on top of this one and so on.
I think for all three religions it either could be spherical/cubic (?) universes on top of each other or it could be spherical/cubic (?) concentric universes one inside another.
I think all three religions also say there are doors (gateways) between each universe guarded by angels.
I think Judaism and Christianity say God created everything and now watches from Heaven.
I think Islam says God both watching from Heaven but also God is nowhere.
Islam says space and time are creations of God just like everything else and God does not need them to exist.
Christianity says God created man in his own image.
Islam says God does not look like any of God's creations and moreover God does not have any shape or size and does not have any gender.
Islam says God actually makes everything happen (down to the smallest scale).
Islam says if God stopped (even for an instant), everything in existence would disappear to nothing (in an instant).
(Which is I think kind of a similar description to a computer simulation.
I had also read some muslims believed/believing, everything in existence is like dream (imagination?) of God.)

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