Sunday, December 18, 2016


I always thought paper grocery bags are better for the environment and everybody should use those.
But still I always chose plastic bags at the grocery shopping!
Because I didn't want to spend extra money for trash bags!
Now I finally realized that is why plastic is better actually!

Or one of the reasons anyway:

You can use plastic bags as trash bags and save money!
(Which also means less number of trash bags need to be produced for everyone.)
Paper bags are not really suitable as trash bags.
Neither when accumulating trash at home,
neither when carrying them to a dumpster,
neither when they are waiting in the dumpster to be picked up by garbage pick up service
(Paper or plastic bags would smell more?;
Paper or plastic bags would be torn open and leak more?
Paper or plastic bags would attract flies, cats, birds etc more?
What if it rains?),
neither when letting your trash on the street to be pickup in some places,
(On top of the other reasons as above (for waiting in the dumpster),
if you were a garbage pickup person, which kind of bags would be easier for you to handle?)

If your answer is, then just use trash bags, instead of paper or plastic grocery bags,
then I would like to remind you, they mean extra cost for everybody!
Also big trash bags harder to carry especially for children and teenagers,
and so are more prone to accidents also.

Also isn't paper bags mean many trees to cut?
(I really don't know if trees are always thoroughly checked for nests of birds or any other animals before they cut down.)
Also plastic bags are made from petroleum which is an nonrenewable global resource.
That means if you don't use it to make plastic bags, sooner or later, someone else will use it some other way.
I think chances are it most likely will be used as fuel to burn, for vehicles, for power plants, for heating instead!
Also keep in mind, plastic bags maybe recycled from landfills to produce new plastic bags etc.
Can same be done with paper bags? I think possibly but with more cost.

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