Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Sci-Fi Movie Idea

The title: World of Tomorrow

The plot:

The year is 2040 and NASA sends a manned space vehicle to Mars.
Since the journey takes months, all crew is in suspended animation.
After about a month of traveling an unknown comet crosses their path.
While the vehicle trying to avoid passing through the huge tail of the comet, it start getting hit w/ ice particles. The vehicle gets badly damaged and all crew members die except one man.

The vehicle also goes out of control and enters into a new elongated orbit around the sun which will bring it back more than 300 years later.
At that time vehicle will be recovered by a large space-ship of the future.

In the future world, all people are living and working in high rise giant buildings (there are no small buildings anymore), and commuting around w/ car-like flying vehicles (which has no wheels, wings, jet engines) called pods. The pods are completely autonomous and manual driving is impossible.
All top floors of the buildings are dedicated as parking structures.
All ground spaces in the cities are covered w/ forests and almost all the remaining parts of the land are covered w/ automated agriculture fields to be able to feed a world population of 16 billion!

All cops are 6 feet tall and have big muscles. That is because becoming a cop requires lifetime contract and includes mandatory genetic enhancements.
They also wearing computerized visors at all times which gives them
perfect vision under any condition plus instant information of all kinds.

There is even cure for aging in the future world but it is illegal!

Unfortunately for our hero, a large corporation wants him to make medical/genetic experiments because his "ancient" DNA/body.
They manage to kidnap him secretly and take him to a hidden underground lab.
In there he gets subjected to many harsh experiments; in one experiment his consciousness put into a virtual reality and tested against all kinds of fear triggering events. However a secret government operative finds and contacts him in the virtual world to plot an escape.

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