Sunday, December 18, 2016

A New Movie Idea For The Matrix Franchise

Title: The Matrix 4: Rebirth

The Plot:

In the end of the Matrix Trilogy (made by WB), a peace agreement between
the humans and the machines was reached, but most of the humans
stayed connected to the matrix (because of dependence of the machines
on them) and the real Earth was still a desert-like wasteland.

This movie starts long time after the trilogy ended (a completely new cast).
The peace between the machines and humans is deteriorating because
some humans illegally continue to revive more people from the matrix; the
machines growing impatient against to attack and kill all freed humans.

But an outcast human researcher secretly goes around the desert wasteland
of the real world and finds the remains of a old human military outpost.
In there he finds documents talking about a secret military human facility
that was built deep underground and it contains a command center to control
a stealth satellite network. When triggered the satellite network would generate
a massive EMP pulse that would destabilize the artificial smog in the Earth's
atmosphere and thus clearing the smog away. The control center also contains a
vault which has DNA samples from all species lived on Earth before the war started.

Unfortunately when the researcher goes back the human city (Zion) he gets imprisoned
and nobody believes him.
Now some people must find a way (a new Neo) to evade all the machines and humans in both
the real world and the matrix, to find the secret base and start the rebirth of real world!

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