Friday, July 14, 2017

What Black Holes Are Made Of 2

I know that many physicists believe today that infinities are a sign of breaking of a physical theory. I think the same. So I don’t think BHs have a singularity in their center so that means they must be made of some kind of particle. And I think there is only one particle that fits the bill (and it does perfectly). It is a hypothetical particle called Planck particle. Its Wikipedia page was saying it already naturally shows up in physical equations/calculations.

Also I think BHs must be in some kind of fluid state, similar to Neutron stars.

For example, I remember reading complex numbers were showing up in solutions of polynomial equations long before they discovered.

Extreme speculation mode:
I know complex numbers are extremely useful in physics.
It could be said complex numbers are more powerful by being 2D, instead of 1D.
I think if universe is some kind of cellular automata (computer) operating in Planck scale,
it is quite possible its calculations done using quaternions(4D), octonions(8D), maybe even sedenions (16D).

Also if there are singularities in the centers of BHs, how it is possible singularities (objects of zero size) can be different from each other to create different sizes of BHs around them?
Or should be really accept properties like mass/energy is just an absolutely abstract number so that an object of zero size can contain them (just as pure information) no problem?

In case what I mean is unclear:
Your viewpoint is yes the theory does not apply in the center of BH but it still applies all around. (Or is it, the theory also apply in the center that is why we must accept the existence of a real singularity?)
But my viewpoint is that the theory breaks in the center and that means. what we think about the structure of BHs must be wrong completely. (Like trying to build a skyscraper on a really bad foundation.)

“What force stops your hypothetical high density ball collapsing into a singularity?”
That is exactly why I was suggesting BHs must be made of Planck particles.
From Wikipedia about Planck Particle:
“its Compton wavelength and Schwarzschild radius are about the Planck length”
Planck particles are smallest possible particles. Imagine if any particle is compressed in an unstoppable way, its Compton wavelength gets smaller and smaller and finally it is reduced Planck length, where it cannot get any smaller.

I think BHs being made of Planck particles is theoretically possible and it does not lead to any contradictions with neither Quantum Mechanics nor Relativity.
But I am not a physicist and I would like to see Ethan writing a post evaluating this idea. if possible.

(I had posted these above comments about a week ago here:

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