Friday, July 14, 2017

Universal Cellular Automata Quantum Computer

If Universe is a qubit-based CA quantum computer operating in Planck scale, how it can explain QM and Relativity?

Human mind operating like a quantum computer (software) can explain Observer Effect:
Because of quantum information exchanges between qubits of experiment and qubits of mind of observer(s), like operations in a quantum computer.

Particles of the Standard Model (6 quarks + 6 leptons + 4 gauge bosons + 1 Higgs boson) + Planck particle can be explained as clusters (spherical?) of information.
(Then using the list of quantum properties common to all particles (like energy, mass, charge, spin, ?), it maybe possible to determine how many qubits (at least) for each (Planck size) cell of the universe CA quantum computer.)
(How particle interactions can be explained?)

It can also explain Relativity because speed of light limit is because of (constant) speed of information transmission of the Universe CA quantum computer.
So each observer can receive information only at speed of light (constant). Like non-moving and moving observers watching the same events would disagree on how fast events unfolding, because each can receive information (light) generated from the events in same speed but with different information flow density (frequency).

Gravity can be explained as an entropic force.

The Big Bang can be explained as, initially creating a ball of (maximum) dense information (energy) in the center of the Universal (CA) Quantum Computer (UCAQC).
Imagine there is a tendency of information flow from more dense to less dense volumes of UCAQC, and it causes the expansion of the universe.
I think in the beginning times of the Big Bang, this expansion force should be at its most powerful but later it would drop.
It could be that:
F = U * (1 - V / W)
F: Expansion Force at time t after Big Bang
U: an unknown constant
V: Volume of Universe Information Ball at time t after Big Bang
W: Max Possible Volume of Universe Information Ball (at time infinity after Big Bang)
Or maybe the expansion force /speed could be depending on the current (uniform) curvature of V.
(I had explained how to calculate universal (uniform) curvature in one of my previous blog posts.)
(But either case, it would mean there is really no such thing as Dark Energy and neither a universal field of inflation.)

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