Saturday, June 3, 2017

Super-intelligence vs Genius

Common criticism of IQ tests is that they are unreliable.
(I don't know how many times I saw media declaring a (super-intelligent) child a "genius" who is smarter than even Einstein.)
Why people who get really high scores in IQ tests don't become new Einsteins?
Obviously IQ tests are highly accurate for predicting academic success but not much else.
What are we missing?

I think first we should look at what is the difference between super-intelligence and genius.
Super-intelligent people are super-fast learners and super-fast problem solvers/calculators (like a human-computer hybrid).
On the other hand, it is well-known that Einstein had great difficulty learning new math for his whole life.
(I think if we analyze famous scientists/inventors in history we would find some are genius and some are super-intelligent people.)

Think about the difference between:
intelligence vs wisdom
book-smart vs street-smart
problem solving ability vs creativity
problem solving ability vs reasoning (and argumentation) ability
problem solving ability vs a strong sense of justice

So I think intelligence and genius (wisdom) are actually separate mental properties and they need to be measured separately.

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