Saturday, March 18, 2017

Is Future Predictable?

At micro scale Quantum Mechanics says future is unpredictable
and at macro scale Relativity says future is predictable!
It seems almost all physicists think future is unpredictable based on QM.
But we must keep in mind Relativity is also extensively verified with countless experiments and observations, just like QM.
How both QM and Relativity can be true, if they say opposite of each other?
We must realize that scales where QM and Relativity reign supreme are different!
(And at Human scale (Newtonian Mechanics) both of them have influences.)

(2D) FHP Lattice Gas Cellular Automata (CA):
At micro scale:
Particles move at random fashion (Brownian motion):
Outcome of (most?) particle collisions selected random (using a PRNG (Pseudo-Random Number Generator) algorithm (software)).
Then future is unpredictable!
At macro scale:
Fluid behavior matching Navier-Stokes equations: Newtonian Mechanics
Then future is predictable!

If a (what is called) True Random Number Generator (TRNG) (hardware) used for FHP LGCA (at micro scale)
then would we expect macro scale behavior no longer match to Navier-Stokes equations?
I think it is obvious that using PRNG or TRNG would not make any significant difference at macro scale behavior.

Then for FHP LGCA, as we look at the behaviors starting from micro scale and go towards macro scale,
at what scale future changes from unpredictable to predictable?
I think it is obvious that there is no sharp boundary between them.
And same thing happens when we increase scale from QM (micro scale) to Relativity (macro scale).

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