Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Quantum VS Relativity

Currently there are two great theories of physics, quantum and relativity.
Countless experiments and observations show both to be true to extreme precision.
But both theories fundamentally at disagreement with each other.
One says space-time is flat other says it is curved.
One says time is absolute other says it is relative.
One says information must be conserved other says black holes must destroy it.
One says nothing can move faster than speed of light other says entanglement (information?) can.

But I think the biggest disagreement is nature of time, whether future can be predicted or not.
Quantum says future is indeterminate at fundamental level.
Nobody can predict the future. (Because it is not observed yet (became concrete reality).)
(But some quantum experiments imply retrocausality and particles can move backwards in time??)
Relativity says "now" is relative which means past and future always must exist simultaneously.
It implies past and future are static, already determined, we exist in a 4D block universe.
How both can be true about nature of time?
If both true then is it mean time in quantum scale is independent from time in relativity scale?
Or is it mean time in quantum scale must create time in relativity scale?
(That is quantum world always create the reality according to (static) reality in relativity (block universe)?)

Before relativity and later quantum mechanics came, Newton mechanics was verified with
countless experiments and observations to great precision also.
But ultimately it was proven wrong at fundamental level.
(Some people say it was not wrong; just needed little corrections at some extreme situations?)

Actually I like to propose all three theories of physics are equally correct!
Quantum mechanics is correct at micro scale.
Relativity is correct at macro scale.
Newton mechanics is correct at normal/human/everyday/world/average scale.

I think all these three theories are actually different emergent properties (set of rules/laws) operating at different size scales.
(So all three are mathematically/physically equally valid in their own level of reality/domain.)
If so are these three emergent properties are independent of each other?
Or higher scale realities must be created from lower scale realities?
(Cellular Automata world shows macro scale emergent properties are created by micro scale rules.)
So isn't this mean quantum world is creating everyday world and everyday world is creating relativity world?

At smallest (Planck) scale Universe maybe a Cellular Automata (CA). If so then the other three theories are its emergent properties at different macro scales. There are many well known CA that create an emergent property (world) at macro scale, like Game of Life, FHP, LBM,
The big question is whether a CA can directly create more than one emergent property at different macro scales? Or is it always one emergent property creates the next in the chain (of scales)?

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