Friday, January 6, 2017

A Better Alternative To Nobel Prizes

The Nobel Prize Organization provided really great service to science
but it clearly has shortcomings and considering the importance of the work for humanity,
we need a better system/organization.

What are its shortcomings?
1) Very few fields of science get rewarded.
(There are other prizes besides Nobel which reward accomplishments in other fields of science
but they don't bring the same level of rewards/recognition to the recipients.)
2) There are always many great accomplishments in science that never get the chance to be rewarded.

Humanity is always rewarding its stars in movies, TV, music, sports, politics and so on
much more effectively compared to science, even though science makes the greatest contribution to
quality of life and progress of human civilization.

Then what would be the best way to reward great accomplishments in science?
Imagine a new international reward organization under United Nations.
Imagine every year all countries in the world donate any amount they like to this reward organization.
(There maybe a certain minimum amount for each country based on its economic power.)
Imagine every year this organization rewards great accomplishments in many branches of science
(which branches to reward could be decided/changed each year).
Imagine it also rewards single/multiple different accomplishments (instead of only rewarding a single accomplishment) in the same branch of science each year (depending on available candidates and budgets). (Like for example imagine last year 2 accomplishments in physics got the rewards and this year 5.)

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